Jesmonite Marbling Home Making Kit

July 27, 2021

Jesmonite Marbling Home Making Kit

Jesmonite AC100 is a water based composite material that is made up of two components, a liquid acrylic compound that binds a gypsum powder. The resulting mixture acts much like plaster for 24 hours or so then hardens to acrylic like properties. Jesmonite AC100 is also widely used in casting decorative objects. It is perfectly safe, non toxic and fire resistant. The perfect at home craft activity with friends or family. 

Our Jesmonite AC100 home making kits makes it easy to get creative at home. 

Our kit contains all the things you need to start creating your own Jesmonite AC100 coasters and pieces! Furthermore, we have everything you need to play with and learn basic Jesmonite marbling techniques like you would in one of our workshops with our detailed and clear instructions below. 

Jesmonite AC100 is a simple 5:2 ratio (powder:liquid) 


Jesmonite pigments only come in primary colours. Secondary colours like green, purple, pink has to be mixed using the primary colours provided. Below is a colour chart to help you get started. Do note the maximum amount of pigments you can use for the whole mixture is 15 drops. Any more than that will create a Jesmonite object that won't set properly as the oil content in the mixture from the pigments will make the mixture too oily. 



How to make our Jesmonite Marble Coaster 


Step 1

Pour the portioned jesmonite liquid with the jesmonite powder. Each powder cup weighs 80grams, and each liquid cup weighs 32g. The ratio of jesmonite powder to jesmonite liquid will always be 2.5:1 . Stir until the mixture is smooth and resembles that of a pancake batter.

Step 2

Pour out about 10ml of the mixture into another cup. We will use that 10ml as your marble swirl. Add the required colour pigments into this 10ml mixture. 


*Note the color pigments are very dense, you don’t need a lot of pigment to achieve a dark colour tone. 


*You need to work fast as the mixture sets within 8 minutes


Step 3

Repeat above step but with the base mixture. 

Step 4

Pour the marble swirl mixture into the base mixture. Stab the mixture as per video about 4 times. Drawing a horizontal line with each stab. 


*DO NOT STIR IT. Stirring will mix the colour pigments of both mixtures and you won’t be able to get your desired marbling effects/colours

Step 5

Pour the mixture into the silicon mould.


Step 6

Shake the mould so that the Jesmonite mixture is evenly distributed in the mould. 


Step 7 

If you see any air bubbles, you can use a toothpick to poke the air bubbles. Gently shake the mould again to get the base as even as possible. 


Step 8

Let the Jesmonite set for about 25minutes. The coaster will feel a bit hot which is very normal. 


Step 9

Slowly peel the silicon mould from the edges of the coaster.


Step 10

Sand the base edges with the sandpaper provided in a water bath.. 



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