Our Story

Dear friend, 


Breathe Essentials Co was born when I found physical and mental relief in essential oils whilst I was going through the most challenging time in my life — chemotherapy. I was having severe difficulty trying to sleep, and remember desperately tossing and turning almost every night in the hopes that my body would eventually wind down. But I would wake up multiple times due to the severe hot flashes I was feeling as a side effect of chemotherapy.

This went on for weeks, until I discovered the wonders of lavender essential oil. The scent was calming and soothing, helping my body and in turn my mind to relax and drift into slumber. I also benefited greatly from rosemary essential oil. Due to its regenerative effects, it helped aid my hair growth post-chemotherapy. 

While these essential oils worked wonders for me, I was also aware that they were not cheap to come by. In Singapore, we do not have a local homegrown essential oils brand, and not everyone who can benefit from them will be able to afford them either. 

This spurred me to create Breathe Essentials, a luxurious lifestyle brand that would bring affordable, homegrown essential oils and scented candles to those who would need them. I wanted to share my good experiences, and create products that could uplift people’s spirits and also provide comfort.

You deserve nothing but the best, and you should know our products are crafted with the highest attention to detail. Our essential oils are sourced from all over the world, and we work very closely with a European fragrance house with over 200 years of rich history to create scents that are unique to us. Our signature candles are hand-poured with love in Singapore, and our products are all proudly formulated and made locally as well.

It's important to carve out the time for self-care, and I hope that the products I’ve created at Breathe Essentials Co can provide you comfort in times of need, while also celebrating the good times with you. Life may not always be a bed of roses, but Breathe Essentials Co will always be here for you.

Be kind, be positive, be humble, and be more than you ever thought you could be.

Much Love,